• AURA alloy wheels are brought to you by “Precision Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd.” Which is one of the leading Auto Component manufacturing company in India. This is the same “AURA” brand which was originally with Hindalco Industries Ltd. (A Aditya Birla Group Company), taken over by Precision Auto Group.

    Starting from making the perfect aluminum alloy, AURA alloy wheels are manufactured with state-of-the-art Low Pressure Die Casting technology which is the most reliable process for manufacturing of defect free alloy wheels. The wheels are pass through fully atomized heat treatment process which ensures consistency in hardness and elongation which are key process parameters for the strength of the wheels. Highly sophisticated CNC turning centers ensures dimensional accuracy of the wheels which ensures perfect balancing of the car. Modern paint shop ensures perfect painting of the wheel which enhance the car aesthetic and make the head turn.

    Aura alloy wheels undergo stringent quality tests under TUV (Germany) norms & are certified by ARAI. All AURA wheels pass through 100% X-ray & Leak testing which checks for cracks & porosity, not visible to the naked eye. These tests are important as alloy wheels are directly connected to the overall safety of the vehicle.

    Precise process controls and stringent quality norms make “AUARA” wheels reliable and safest product which works a “Dress code of your Car”

    Moreover, AURA alloy wheels are made as per the technical specifications of the car manufacturer and are tested on the cars that they are made for. This is what makes AURA stand apart from other brands of alloy wheels and goes much beyond than just enhancing the looks of a vehicle.

    Greymarket alloy wheels though cheaper, do not go through the above manufacturing process & most of them are made by the old Gravity Die Casting technology, which end up making the wheels heavier and not as strong either.

    A true testimony to the strength of AURA can be judged from an incident at the 'Raid De Himalaya Rally 2007', where a car fitted with AURA drove on flat tyre for over 25 kilometers, as a jammed nut made it impossible to change the tyre.

    The AURA alloy wheel held on brilliantly on a hilly terrain with broken roads & made it to its destination in time. The same wheel was showcased at the Autocar Performance Show at Mumbai and it amazed one and all.

    AURA has always been the benchmark of quality for alloy wheels in India and continues to add new exciting designs to its range. AURA is launching variety of new styling to suit to all global car brands.


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